New Phone System

The Swaffham practice and our Necton surgery have a new phone system.

There will be a couple of noticeable changes that patients will experience:

  • To enable our team to answer your calls even more quickly and efficiently, if you call the Necton surgery and the line is busy, you will no longer have to hold as the call can be picked up at the Swaffham site – and visa versa. This has no impact on the service you will receive, as the team can deal with your requests from any site, meaning you will spend less time hanging on the phone and we can give you an even better service.
  • Patients will also be given a couple of choices when they phone in so your call will be directed to the correct department to deal with your request. You can select to book an appointment, to speak to the dispensary or to speak to a receptionist. You will be speaking to the right team member from the offset.

The recent GP patient survey gave us a brilliant result for our telephone service. Plowright came in above both the national and CCG average.

89% of respondents find it easy to get through to this GP practice by phone
Local (CCG) average: 80% – National average: 68%

This was purely down to our excellent team members and our new phone system will only help us to improve on this even further.