Flu clinics – what to expect when having your flu jab

Having a flu vaccine is a very simple procedure. Your appointment won’t last more than a few minutes. Due to COVID-19 we have put a few extra measures in place to maintain safety of patients and staff:

Social Distancing

Please abide by the social distance markers when waiting to enter the surgery. We will be restricting the number of people entering the surgery so we apologise in advance that we may ask you to wait outside until your appointment slot.

Face Coverings

All patients are asked to wear a face covering when entering the surgery. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a face covering we ask that you try to wear one for the few minutes whilst having the vaccination, try to find one you find most comfortable and should you experience any discomfort whilst inside, speak to a member of staff before removing your face covering – Please remember our premises are used by vulnerable patients and health workers.

Hand Sanitiser

When entering the surgery you will be asked to sanitise your hands. We will have hand hygiene points available around the surgery.

Staff in PPE

We may look a little different to normal as all staff will be in Personal Protective Equipment which will include a mask and possibly a face shield. This is to protect patients and staff. We know this may look scary so we try our best to remind you it’s still us under the mask.


There is no reception and you will report to one of our coordinators who will be at the surgery entrance to direct you for your flu jab. We will have a separate entrance and exit.


Do not bring anyone else to your appointment with you, only patients with appointments will be allowed into the building unless you require extra assistance such as a carer.

Family members that are being vaccinated at the same time will be seen separately and asked to exit the surgery as soon as the vaccination is completed,  please do not wait for each other in surgery areas.

Please wear a short sleeved top to ensure we can vaccinate you quickly and safety, this helps protect you by reducing the amount of time you spend with the clinician and in the surgery.  You will be asked to hold any items of clothing that you have removed. So please keep additional/outer layers to a minimum.

Arrive as close to your allocated time as possible. If you arrive too early you will be asked to wait in your car.

We will be running a socially distanced queuing system and our staff will direct you when in the surgery to one of our clinicians. Once in the building they will request you have your arm out ready.

Vaccinations will take place in the entrance way of the clinical room to keep surface contact transmissions to a minimum.

Once the vaccination is completed you will need to move through the building to the exit as directed whilst maintaining distance from other patients.

Any clothing adjustments will need to be made away from the vaccination area.

To ensure minimal risk to staff and patients the whole process will be completed as quickly as possible so you will only be inside the surgery for as long as is needed.

We appreciate that this will be a totally different experience to what  you are used to and we would like nothing more than to be able to host our clinics in our usual manner, unfortunately, the current situation and guidance dictates otherwise.

Thank you all for your understanding and co-operation.